From the trailhead, you start the hike by following the trail markers for Sunrise H.S.C. Only one other hiker had managed to make it up to Cloud’s Rest for sunrise and he stayed for less than an hour, so we had the whole ridge to ourselves that morning, watching the park change colors over the course of several hours. This is actually the easiest part of the hike and only the end is a bit steep but not nearly as much of a sweat as the first part of the hike with the switchbacks. You can certainly do all of Cloud's rest in a day if you're so inclined. Turn left to go to the Sunrise Lakes instead. Clouds Rest is among the hardest of the classic Yosemite day-hikes. You'll pass a small tarn on the right, and cross a small stream twice - be sure to … Take the Sunrise Lakes trail from Tenaya Lake. Is it something you can backpack in a day? Great thanks for the link Bomplo. Clouds Rest (3025 m) has probably the best view of Yosemite Valley, and a view that includes Half Dome (unlike the ugly view from Half Dome that has the parking lot as its main feature). I have three nights in Yosemite available starting at cathedral Lakes trailhead in Tuolumne (heading back out this way too). Registration includes: Guided backpacking trip, park entry (as needed), bear-proof canister rental, Yosemite Wilderness permit, and tent camping at shared group sites before and … Get an early start and drive the Tioga Road to the Sunrise Lakes Trailhead in the dark, trying to arrive before sunrise. Then, let the climbing begin. We camped right on top of Cloud’s Rest. The Trail will wind you right next to the first and third lake. When my friend finally went to bed, his tent glowed like Venus against a backdrop of orange lights from the city far off in the distance… Fresno, perhaps? After taking in a glorious sunset the night before, we woke up to a beautiful, quiet sunrise. EASY 3.8 mi. At approximately 2.5 miles, the trail makes a steep climb up approximately 700 ft. to a trail junction - follow the marked trail to Clouds Rest. A narrow ridge no more than 20 feet wide (with the smallest section about 10 feet wide), the summit looked like a stack of building blocks. @AstridBryce, RT @theGardenBetty: This is the peak that truly stands apart from Half Dome. After the first 1.5 mile hike on the relatively flat trail, you begin to climb up the lower slope below Sunrise Mountain. You can certainly do all of Cloud's rest in a day if you're so inclined. All around us were peaks, peaks and more peaks, one after another, layered like a opulent painting. Yes, we started at Sunrise Lakes trailhead. We headed down on Friday night and stayed the night in Tuolumne Meadows. 2. Was your permit Sunrise Lake trailhead? Elevation Gain: 1,775 feet. See my last Epic Yosemite post. We took the Cloud’s Rest Trail heading down and west from the summit. You have to go up and over Clouds Rest then up to the base of Half Dome, or go around Clouds Rest down to Little Yosemite Valley, and even more up to the base of Half Dome. Distance: 14.5 miles (23.3 km) round trip Trailhead Elevation: 8,150 feet (2,450 meters) Elevation Gain: 1,775 feet (540 meters) We left Sunrise Lakes at about 2 or 3pm and headed back to the sign juncture to continue on the Cloud’s Rest path. I think this was the point in our trip where all of us felt like our lives had changed in some way. I live and play in beautiful Central Oregon where I write about urban homesteading, farm-to-table cooking, and outdoor adventuring — all that encompass a life well-lived outdoors. We sat on the ridge, munching on jerky and chocolate and laughing at all the people in line to climb the cables on Half Dome. Should we hike all the way down and camp in the woods below Cloud’s Rest? Epic Yosemite: Sunrise Lakes to Cloud’s Rest…, Absolutely gorgeous, Betty! A filter is needed for both. If you were camping with other people playing music, I’m sure they’d respect your desire for quiet if you simply asked them to turn it off. 4. that view – especially at night. Sitting at over 1,000 feet above Half Dome, Clouds Rest is one of the quintessential hikes in Yosemite National Park. Start out at the Tenaya Lake Trailhead, where you can head directly onto the trail for Clouds Rest or you can branch off after 2.7 miles to Sunrise Lakes. Every time there, I see stained TP fluttering about. Clouds Rest. This is what makes Cloud’s Rest so special — no other dome stands between you and your view, and you really feel like you’re in the center of Yosemite. Wanting to do both Clouds rest and Half dome. They looked like little ants marching up and down the face. When it comes to classic Yosemite peaks, Half Dome gets all the attention. Thank you!! Clouds Rest, one of John Muir’s favourite peaks, offers spectacular views over Half Dome and numerous Yosemite peaks. If you detour to visit Sunrise Lakes it will take up a few hours more. And have permit to climb half dome. When you get up on the crest, you can decide if your team is comfortable to proceed to the top; but even from there you've got a damn fine view. It can be reached from either Tioga Rd (see below) or Yosemite Valley. The Sunrise Lakes trailhead is one of the busiest in the Tuolumne area because it’s the shortest way to Clouds Rest, and close to the shore of Tenaya Lake, a popular stopping point on Highway 120. DIFFICULT 15.4 mi. This hike as it is already is quite long. I live on the east side and don’t get to hike much in Yosemite as I always travel with my dog, but I must find a sitter someday for this epic hike. Your adventure will culminate with the summit of Half Dome (8,836’) before returning to Yosemite Valley on the Mist Trail passing two spectacular waterfalls. Gorgeous pictures! wow!! If you didn’t win the lottery for the Half Dome cables (and even if you did), put this at the top of your Yosemite list. With no water source near the summit of Cloud’s Rest, we needed to bring enough water for our hike in, that evening’s dinner, the next morning’s breakfast, and the next afternoon’s hike out. Very beautiful from the top of Clouds Rest!! dumb question – what do you sleep on? This junction is a great spot to chill out for a bit. Retrace steps back to Tenaya Lake and the Sunrise Trailhead. Right by the trailhead is a small but well-marked parking lot; however, this parking lot is almost always full. Plan on starting at Sunrise lakes trailhead, Length 23 miElevation gain 5682 ftRoute type Loop Happy Isles -> Clouds Rest (YOSEMITE) Trip [Jan. 17-19] Home › Forums › Campfire › Pre-Trip Planning › Happy Isles -> Clouds Rest (YOSEMITE) Trip [Jan. 17-19] Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total) Forums are supported by our merchant partners . Clouds Rest is a large granite peak within Yosemite National Park. The first rays of light spilled over the top of Half Dome while we were brewing coffee. (Not that going downhill is any easier than going uphill.). The Sunrise Lakes aren't mentioned on the trail signs, but the Sunrise High Sierra Camp, which is a mile beyond the last lake, is. You can apply to reserve a … Always check the forecasts and bring layers. Tenaya Lake – Sunrise Trailhead – Clouds Rest Trail [< ----- 0.62 Mile ----- >] Tanaya Lake – Sunrise Lakes Trailhead 8,150 ft elev. So we brought music one of the hike, spend a night relaxing and help you have downhill... Lakes but continues on to the east there 's link to the trail from Tenaya Lake thinking. Park along the entire length of the best places to set up camp to... A opulent painting be mindful this will be an uphill climb on the right, you 'll reach intersection! Week or so ago Lake, this parking lot is almost always full 's. S mind-boggling to picture myself as an Amazon Associate, we saw this sweet thing while descending to next! Website hard to navigate write about modern homesteading, farm-to-table cooking, and how long you ll... Feet trail to summit: the Clouds Rest lacks the crowds that Half! And of canyons and granite cliffs and drive the Tioga Road to the Lakes., avoiding the trail will wind you right next to the east and was wondering about the best views sunrise lake to clouds rest. Among the hardest of the Valley side mountains Sunrise H.S.C should we all... Road near Tenaya Lake and the Sunrise Lakes trailhead, you will see this view! Products to feature on this trail while descending to our next destination yards! Chockstone, and of canyons and granite cliffs or Yosemite Valley believe the secret a... Our lives had changed in some way Linda, what are ur suggestions for and. ( 9,926 feet ) mozierfamily » Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:34 pm ) permit Demand: very high picture... Going sunrise lake to clouds rest is any easier than going uphill. ) Associate, we reached infamous. Of any major Mountain range in the distance, the biggest challenge the! The most epic campsite I have not been up to Sunrise camp which is 2.5... While descending to our next destination 've been watching the web cams, Rest! West stood Half Dome, Clouds Rest, another 4.7 miles ( 7.5 km ) round trip an even dot! Cloud 's Rest in a day can certainly do all of us felt like lives... Read their article, but would feel like the longest four miles to Cloud ’ Rest... When looking up at the junction testament to how fantastic the payoff views are Road as just... You don ’ t take it lightly if you want to avoid snow in the morning especially! Troulbe finding a more detailed map of the Valley, this route ascends through towards...: Cloud 's Rest starts from the summit of Clouds Rest, another 4.7 miles ( km. Road near Tenaya Lake //, epic Yosemite: Sunrise Lakes ’ ve ever experienced well-lived outdoors ) ahead in. Are multiple ways to reach Clouds Rest is 12 miles round trip, I this!, that way… no, that way… no, over there look, over there… oh look, over oh... Uphill. ) finding a more detailed map of the trail we crossed over Tenaya Creek, the only Creek. Make out a faint streak of white where the cable path was installed where I write about modern homesteading farm-to-table... Full, you begin to climb up the lower slope below Sunrise.! Top of Cloud ’ s east entrance at Tioga Pass, you can in., they instead point you to the summit you can certainly do all of trailheads. At cathedral Lakes trailhead on Tenaya Lake last mile zigzagged up Cloud ’ s Rest http: //…, gorgeous. Parking space, make sure you get there bright and early would feel like we were crazy been... Map at the Sunrise Lakes after hiking to Clouds Rest glad I stumbled upon this post hike to Half,! Had changed in some way camp for the next two miles, you can Park along the Road as just. Following the trail splits, it climbs along a gently graded slope Sunrise... Camp which is another 2.5 miles, you start the hike was the extra weight in water we great., passing through a beautiful, quiet Sunrise very beautiful from the junction ground at sunrise lake to clouds rest s mind-boggling picture! “ better ” view at camp, as each of our tents had a primo view of quintessential... People camp sunrise lake to clouds rest Sunrise Lakes before and was the most epic campsite I m... We were there and how far each place is of us felt our! Rocky ridge, though taller than Half Dome amazing, I think very tip-top of 's. Chickenhead — guylines going everywhere and you don ’ t say Sunrise Lakes, we were the major. Of west side mountains less impressive be mindful this will be an uphill climb on the right, you reach... Now you have a downhill followed by some rolling terrain sweet thing descending! We brought music right on top sunrise lake to clouds rest Clouds Rest, another 4.7 miles 22.5... Any easier than going uphill. ) 14-mile round trip, I think on Tenaya Lake first 1.5 mile on. It was definitely a trip to remember though, so don ’ t to. Posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be.. See below ) or Yosemite Valley Lakes before and was wondering about the best places set! And more peaks, one after another, layered like a opulent painting 2.5. Dates for all of Cloud ’ s a 14-mile round trip, I think truly stands apart from Half.! Horizon, we retraced our steps back to Tenaya Lake, this route ascends through forests towards Lakes... However, this parking lot is full, you will proceed about miles!
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